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In honor of President Bush's advice after the 9/11 attacks, which while tragic, shocking and heart-wrenching did not have even one-quarter the potential to wreck havoc on the national economy the way Katrina has (or kill as many people, I'm willing to bet), may I be the first to suggest that everybody go shopping. After all, if we don't, the hurricanes win.

This is in honor of the fact that the Bush administration has known for years the growing likelihood of the New Orleans disaster, and yet in 2004 supplied only 20% of what the Army Core of Engineers deemed necessary to maintain the city's system of levees and dikes. For added measure it went and gutted FEMA while it was at it -- after all that money was needed to protect America from the terrorists we are creating in Iraq. Oh, that and relying so heavily on using National Guard forces in Iraq that Louisiana and Mississippi are now begging for federal assistance because they no longer have the manpower and equipment to deal with the catastrophe.

Yep, Bush has shown decisive and bold leadership -- too bad it's totally inept. I know this probably isn't the time for such caustic commentary, but so many elements of this disaster were preventable that it makes it that much sadder to watch.

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