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It's Called "Compassion"

Given everything that's happened down in New Orleans this week, writing about the ups and downs of my own life over the past few days seems kind of shallow. In lieu of posting anything else today, a word from Amy Sullivan, a frequent guest poster to The Washington Monthly, that I'm totally behind:

We've heard the warning "this isn't about politics" over and over in the last few days [Moose: See for some truly breathtaking examples of this crap]. The hell it isn't. And I don't mean kicking Bush while he's down, just for the fun of it, although there are surely liberals eager to do that [Moose: I'm guilty as charged]. For the rest of us, however, we're seeing the awful real-world consequences of conservatism play out on our television screens. This is why we're liberals. We don't yell about poverty and racial disparities for kicks.

(gakked from Making Light)
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