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On to Other Things

I'd like to thank the Phillies for beginning their September swoon right on schedule. It's giving me the time to read every football writer on the planet and the reasons why the Eagles will win the NFC again this year.

I was actually at the last game the Phillies won before they started their swoon. Best moment: Mrs. Moose actually called David Bell's grand slam just before Halama served it up to him. In all the years I've gone to baseball games, I have never seen anyone call a shot like that before. I am in total awe of her.

I am giving thought to changing the look of the 'zine. Later today, I will post a LJ reader poll asking people what they think of the change. I'm also thinking of adding a general reader poll to the next issue.

I am now going back into full War of the Worlds consumption to finish up the second part of the piece for the 'zine. I've decided that whatever I don't finish before production will just have to get mentioned in passing. I think I've had just about enough of the story and all its permutations.

My next big piece for the 'zine (aside from whatever reviews I decide to write): the post 9/11 world of Harry Potter.
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