July 22nd, 2005

Moose With Mug

Why the name "Moose"?

It was a nickname my grandfather gave me as a child. Funny, as a teenager I really hated it when he used it, but now that I'm older and need a pseudonym, I like the feel of it. Besides, it allowed me to come up with a rather juvenile pun of LJ user name.

Hey, it's my secret identity, and I'll do what I want!

Update, October 25, 2006: The original screen name I chose was "moosedroppings." After some consideration, I changed it to "thetalkingmoose" because it was less juvenile and as a tribute to a piece of Macintosh shareware that was very common in the late '80s/early '90s.
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Moose With Mug

A Few Ground Rules

Before I start posting regularly to this site, I thought I'd lay down a few ground rules, some of which might be especially helpful for those select few who know my secret identity:

  1. When I go incredibly un-PC, it's a near certainty that I'm doing so for pure shock and/or humor value. In real life, I'm actually one of the nicest, gentlest, most non-confrontational people you'll ever meet. However, on these pages, occasionally my sardonic side will dress like its going to leather bar and come out and play. I won't go so far as to claim a Marshall Mathers/Eminem duality, but I will certainly discuss things that I would never dare utter a breath about in real life.
  2. Same goes for any talk about the opposite sex and sexual matters. I was raised by a feminist and have the utmost respect for the fairer gender. However, I am male and occasionally my dick throttles the vagus nerve and suddenly does all the talking for me. I can't help it, men are just wired that way--I'm not responsible for anything Mr. Happy has to say. I have enough responsibility in regards to dealing with him in real life.
  3. If it helps any, keep in mind that my wife knows about this page, and I'm certain I'll be answering to her about anything I write here.
  4. I will turn into a raving demagogue at times. Again, it's purely for effect. If Rush Limbaugh can say that Abu Grhaib was no worse than everyday fraternity hazing, then I should be allowed to suggest that he and everyone who defends that statement should be sodomized with a florescent tube.

If I come up with any other helpful ground rules, I'll happily post them.
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