August 1st, 2005

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Intellectual Consistency

You have to love it when a senior fellow at the Cato Institute writes an article stating that Bush is no conservative and that he should apologize for all the mistakes in the war in Iraq. The best comes right at the very end:

The Republican-controlled Congress is unwilling to hold him accountable. Even longtime conservative activists have been largely quiet. Other than a few courageous souls at small publications such as the American Conservative and Chronicles, most conservatives have said nothing publicly. They apparently hate the Democrats too much or fear the loss of power too greatly to break ranks.

Political apologies tend to be cheap, exacted only under duress and offered to quell criticism rather than to right a wrong. But as Republicans busily demand public repentance from their adversaries, they should look in the mirror -- the president most of all.

Much of what the Cato Institute stands for really bothers me, but I am glad to see that at least one of its senior fellows is not willing to put party-line loyalty over what is best for the country.

How long before someone suggests he hates America?
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More Living with Crutches

I'll find out today for certain how long I'll be on crutches and whether or not I did additional damage to the foot on Saturday night. During this period there are a few things I will need to figure out, almost all of them having to do with picking up Tank from daycare and taking care of him until Mrs. Moose comes home. The biggest problems are herding him up the stairs to the townhouse, getting him into the car at daycare, getting him into his high chair for dinner and actually bringing him his dinner after getting him into the chair.

Should be fun.
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SF/F Opening Lines Test

I actually did better than I thought I would. There are so many classics I still haven't read, and it seems like I'm devoting all my energy just to keeping up with the good new stuff. Still, I think I would've been annoyed if I didn't get at least an above-average score.

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(thanks to supergee)
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Crazy Thought

I noticed for the first time today that my splint feels a lot tighter since it was first put on and that my ankle is experiencing a dull throb. (Note: right now is the first time I've been without painkillers--not even ibuprofen--since Thursday night.) I'm sure it's just paranoia, but given the way I hit the ground Saturday night I'm now suddenly a little worried that I may have done something to the ankle as well.

It's a good thing I have that doctor appointment in four hours.
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The Silver Lining

Ed Wade failed to make a trade at the deadline yesterday, which pretty much ensures that the team the Phillies have now is the one they'll have to win a post-season birth with. In a way, that's the best thing that could have happened; as Rich Hoffman explains:

In his way, Wade did everyone a favor yesterday. Because of his inactivity, the old arguments all remain intact. This team has been years in the building, and he built it. He never said it was perfect, but he said it was good enough to compete for the postseason in a hypercompetitive world. He said it last year, and this year, and Wade said it again yesterday. It is all very clear now.

With that, the referendum on an era begins.

If they make the postseason, Wade is proven right (although, did he really need as many chances as he was given?), and if they don't, he loses his job and his successor isn't saddled with the consequences coming from any of Wade's potentially stupid moves.

Don't get me wrong, I want to see the Phillies in the postseason, but I'm glad that it looks like Wade will get his final test once and for all.
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