August 8th, 2005

Moose With Mug


I'm getting a little tired of reading articles about rising oil prices that insist on pointing out that current prices are $30/barrel below the all-time inflation-adjusted high from 25 years ago. Look, the fact is that crude oil prices have jumped 40% in the last year and over 400% in the last 6½ years. When people are used to much lower prices over an extended period of time, a previous high from 25 years earlier becomes irrelevant because people have altered their budgets accordingly over the years.

I don't know all the reasons why Donruss lost its baseball card license from MLB, but in my opinion they deserved to lose it when they issued their Team Heroes set a couple months ago with advertising stating that it was a "massive 440 card set." 440 card sets haven't been considered massive since Topps first issued one sometime in the mid 1950s. Hell, that's not even massive by Donruss' own standards -- their 1993 set was 792 cards.

I can't recall if I've written such a list before, but here are a series of reasons why living in Northern Virginia (NoVa) really sucks: NoVa residents contribute most of the tax revenue to a state government who often ignores or works against their needs; car taxes; property values that bear no relation whatsoever to reality; no traffic sign indicators at traffic-light intersections that have protected left turns (unlike in NJ, where such intersections are generally marked as such), meaning that you're not really all that protected from drivers coming the other direction who think they can make a right on red; & lack of anything resembling properly planned growth. I'm taking nominations for other reasons.

In an article from today's Time magazine, Condoleezza Rice stated that the insurgency is "losing steam" politically. I guess this is the first visible stage of the "last throes" Cheney was talking about over two months ago. In other news, Generalissimo Francisco Franco is still dead. < /sarcasm>

I need to start eating right and exercising again. I've now regained nearly all the weight I took off last year. Sadly, with the change in jobs working out at lunch is no longer an option. After discussing things with Mrs. Moose, it looks like I'll start going at night after Tank has gone to bed. It's the best of a series of crappy solutions.

I re-watched The Tall Guy last night. If I had the money, I'd purchase all the rights necessary to make sure that Elephant! The Musical gets made. I'm fairly certain it would be better than Spamalot and The Producers, but it would help if I saw either of those two productions before I made such a pronouncement.
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