August 16th, 2005

Moose With Mug

My Relative Absence on LJ Lately

Thanks to the new job, I've been incognito on LJ recently, and unfortunately, it looks like daytime posting is going to take a massive hit. The good news: my new desk is in an office with windows. The bad news: I share the office, and thanks to the configuration of the desks, my officemate can see what's on my computer screen at any given time.

I'll try to find some time later today to post about a few items--I need to keep this post short--but it looks like Mrs. Moose and I are edging still closer to becoming a two-computer family. Since we can't actually afford another one right now, I need to seriously start considering bringing my work laptop home so we can both do what we need to.
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McDonald's Moose

Brief Thoughts from the Past Few Days

I'm glad to see that The Washington Post pulled their sponsorship on the "Freedom March;" the scary thing was that the local Fox affiliate had the sense to not get involved... God bless Cindy Sheehan and all the others who have joined her outside of Bush's ranch, but I sadly wish though that their fight was unnecessary for anyone... The price of gas shot up over approximately $0.30/gallon in a five-day period during the past week -- the notion of blood for oil isn't working well... I'm willing to bet good, hard cash that ExxonMobil will exceed their second quarter profits... What this guy said about Hillary Duff... I'm horribly amused at the notion of Philadelphia becoming the hottest new location for New Yorkers to live... I'd like to state for the record that while I like playing Sudoku, and have been playing it for months thanks to svengali, it really strikes me that this new "fad" is entirely the made up type (at least so far as the US goes)... iTunes has finally answered my prayers and added the best of Corey Hart and Human League to their catalog... Yes, I am serious -- I've wanted to own legal copies of "Sunglasses at Night" and "Don't You Want Me" (without having to buy an entire album to get them) for years... If I had the spare cash, I'd buy one of these in a heartbeat... I still have the cutest little boy in the world, and I plan on posting pictures later this evening to back the boast up.
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