August 24th, 2005

Moose With Mug

Impure Thoughts

For future posts, I'm seriously considering just randomly picking tunes for the "current song:" field and seeing how long it takes before someone either questions my taste in music, correctly guesses there's no way in hell I'd actually listen to said selection or says that I'm just making up song titles.

Today, Tank goes to his first Wiggles concert. There's a 50% chance he'll have a blast and a 50% chance he'll be scared out of his wits and want to leave in 10 minutes or less. Why do I say this? Because when I wasn't much older than him, the appearance of someone dressed as Bob's Big Boy frightened me so much I dove under the table to get away. Then again, his head is gargantuan and still disturbs me to this very day.

None of this weekend's Arizona-Philadelphia games is available on MLB Extra Innings. Given that the Phillies are ever-so-slightly teasing me into thinking they have a shot at the postseason, I haven't decided on whether this is a good or bad thing.

I've stalled a bit on resuming my War of the Worlds project for the next issue of SF. However, I need to get back up on that horse rather soon as I still have plenty of books and a movie to still take in.

I'm thinking of attending a con this fall -- it would only be the second I've ever attended -- and I'm still making up my mind between Capclave and Philcon. I don't think I can do both, and there are good reasons to choose either of them over the other.

I did something rather stupid when leaving old job. Long story short, I accidentally left a lot of contact information for friends and family on the work computer without somehow making sure I had a copy of it in any form before turning the computer in. There's a chance I might have a two-month old (or older) printout at the house, but the chances of that are small.

Development of Heroes of Might and Magic V is well underway. I hope the series recovers from the HoMaM IV debacle -- I'm finally starting to get burned out on HoMaM III, and given that the next generation of Apple computers won't support pre-OS X apps, I will need a suitable replacement. I wish that there was something underway to save the Master of Orion series, but it looks like there's nothing coming at this time.
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Moose With Mug

Defining Warfare

As political as I can be, I try my best not to critique other bloggers' work. However, I came across a howler so infantile that I just couldn't let it pass. From Macho Nachos:

What often disappoints me about my generation is the shocking lack of willingness that we have to defend ourselves and our culture from threats - and the weak-kneed lack of resolve to see even the most banal conflict through to its conclusion. Nowhere has this become more evident than in the current conflict in Iraq. The reality is that 1,800 deaths casualties in a span of almost three years (approximately 2 deaths per day) barely qualifies as warfare.

You know, our troops have killed over 25,000 of those brown-skinned heathens over there -- which works out to approx. 25 deaths a day -- but I guess that doesn't qualify as a warfare either. I'd like to know what the 14,000 American wounded in action (or the 200 other coalition casualties) think of Macho Nachos claim. Maybe they'd like to dip his head in a burning oilfield for a while.
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