August 29th, 2005

Moose With Mug

Warning Shot to the Universe

Today started off innocuously enough, but a development last night started me on a spiral that's leaving me really pissed off at the world around me.

Long story short: for the third time in just slightly over two years, our cable is fucked up. A note to everyone in the universe: avoid Cox Communications like it was Typhoid Mary, or hurricane Katrina -- whichever analogy you prefer. In all my years of dealing with cable companies, they are by far the worst cable system on the planet. I am literally ready to cancel my cable modem, get DSL from Verizon, look into getting DirectTV and telling Cox where they can shove either end ("male" or "female," makes no difference to me) of their coaxial cable feed into my home.

There are plenty of other reasons I'm angry at the universe, with money amazingly working its way into nearly every one of them. I'm also: tired and exhausted from not getting enough sleep; in desperate need of vacation, having gone over a year without one and without any chance of getting to take one over the next few months; frustrated that I cannot even take so much as a sick day for the next six weeks while I am on the probationary period of my new job; missing my wife because she's had to work so much over the past couple weeks; and last (for this rant anyway) but not least, pissed that my favorite baseball team cannot even provide an element of escapism thanks to its galling ability to lose of two of three games to one of the bottom-feeding teams in the National League.

Anyway, I'm now just trying to get through the day without killing anyone.
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