August 30th, 2005

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Insert 1984 Reference Here

I don't know what's worse, the fact that Bush holds a Secret Dinner for news journalists where everything is off the record, or the fact that so many journalists actually take part in it. This is yet another reason why I don't buy into "the news media is liberal" bullshit.

Actually, I do know what's worse: the fact that the White House is refusing to let news photographers cover Presidential events and instead giving out pre-approved photos. At least the the White House News Photographers' Association, isn't rolling over and playing patsy the way the press reporters are:

"In a letter to White House Counselor Dan Bartlett and Chief of Staff Andy Card, Susan Walsh, WHNPA president, said her organization 'is troubled by the increasing number of photo releases from events involving the president of the United States. . . .

"'We are quickly losing our ability to gather the news, especially at the White House.'"

As Walsh explained to Herman: "A White House photo release, no matter how accurate the image, provides only one perspective -- one that is carefully screened and approved."

Luckily for the White House, too many Americans are preoccupied with their own lives to notice this sort of thing.
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Insert Incendiary Reference to Historical Nasty Regime Here

You know, I actually started today in a really good mood, that is until I read about how the esteemed Senator Ricky "Man on Dog" Santorum showed up for a book signing at a Delaware Barnes & Noble and how some people there who expressed a less-than-flattering joke about him were forced to leave or face getting arrested.

Welcome to Bush's America folks. I think I'm going to be sick now.
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Phillies Notes

Two years ago, the Phillies walked into Milwaukee -- a bad team in the NL Central -- with the lead in the wild card chase and proceeded to get swept. This past weekend, the Phillies walked into Phoenix -- a bad team in the NL West -- in the same position and lost two of three. Given that the Houston Astros are the only wild card contender with the remainder of its schedule predominantly against losing teams, they are the hands-on favorite to win the spot.

So far this season Ed Wade has brought over via trade Endy Chavez, Ramon Martinez, Matt Kata and (msot recently) Michael Tucker. Sadly, this is no better than his previous predilection for veteran middle relievers. I guess this is serving the same purpose as giving methadone to heroin addicts.

Speaking of which, will someone in the Phillies organization please explain to me why Rheal Cormier is still in a Phillies uniform and still pitching to batters in the 7th inning of close games. His performance thus far -- 6.34 ERA in 52 G, 44 IP -- is positively Paul Abbott-esque.

While we're busy referencing 2004 Phillies starting pitchers, I'd like to thank Eric Milton for making Ed Wade look like a genius for deciding to keep Cory Lidle instead. Seriously, 121 IP into the season Milton's ERA was 7.03. The last time the Phillies had a starting pitcher throw that many innings with an ERA that high, Chuck Klein was in his first of four stints with the club. Comparing him to Paul Abbott is an insult to Paul Abbott.