October 28th, 2005

Moose With Mug

Fall Issue (#6) of Some Fantastic Now Online

The new issue includes feature pieces on Intimacy & Sex on Deep Space Nine & the concluding half of a look at The War of the Worlds & some of its many adaptations. This issue also contains book reviews of: You Bet Your Planet, edited Martin H. Greenberg and Brittany A. Koren; Revisions, edited by Julie E. Czerneda and Isaac Szpindel; From Alien to the Matrix: Reading Science Fiction Film, by Roz Kaveny; & City of Pearl, by Karen Traviss. DVD reviews include: The Incredibles, Two-Disc Collector's Edition; Dr. Strangelove, 40th Anniversary Two-Disc Special Edition; Constantine, Two-Disc Deluxe Edition; & two looks at Code 46.

You can download the PDF file by clicking here. (Please use this address if you wish to link to the page. Thanks!)