November 9th, 2005

Moose With Mug

Good Morning

I know that it was an off-year and that very little was actually at stake, but damn did it feel good to read the news after yesterday's elections. To whit:

  • The Democrats won the governor races in New Jersey and Virginia;
  • The Democrats picked up seats in the VA state assembly;
  • A real Democrat handed the "Democrat" mayor of St. Paul, MN (who stupidly endorsed Bush last year) his ass by a 69% to 31% margin;
  • All eight of the right-wing nuts on the Dover, PA school board who insisted on putting "intelligent" design into the curriculum were sent home, and will hopefully receive the remedial education they desperately need;
  • Voters in Maine upheld a gay rights law; and
  • All four of Schwarzenegger's ballot initiatives in CA went down in flames.

Here's to hoping that this is a series of good omens for 2006.
Moose With Mug

At Least He's Not All Bad

I still don't want him anywhere near the Supreme Court, but finding out this little nugget about Supreme Court nominee Samuel Alito made me at least a little less hostile to him:

In 1964, the Philadelphia Phillies and star pitcher Jim Bunning dashed 14-year-old Samuel Alito's pennant hopes. Forty-one years later, Bunning can make it up to him.

Bunning, now a Republican senator from Kentucky, ran into the Supreme Court nominee in a Capitol bathroom last week.

Alito grew up rooting for the Hall of Famer in New Jersey, and had no problem speaking his mind about the Phillies' epic collapse.

"This jurist is probably the biggest Phillies fan in the world. He proceeded to tell me about the 1964 season and how we blew the pennant," Bunning said Tuesday.

Actually, Bunning doesn't need to make it up to him. The 1980 team already did that for him.
McDonald's Moose

Up and Running...

... actually, I better start with a slow jog at first.

I now have full access to the "fitness center" located in the first floor of my building, and tomorrow begins the long, arduous climb to taking off at two-to-three stones of weight for the third fucking time. (Sorry, anger and disappointment in myself is now manifesting its ugly head.)

It's not much of a room, but it does have the one piece of equipment I absolutely need: an elliptical motion machine. So it's now time to transfer some Teaching Company courses to the iPod as tomorrow I start fighting back against my inner Fat Bastard.