December 9th, 2005

Exercising Moose

Snow Day!

It's been a while since I got to stay home from work due to winter weather, but today Fairfax County Public Schools shut down as a result of the snow and ice, which mean's Tank's daycare shut down as well.

So, it's me and Tank at home today. I'm not technically off the clock for work -- I have my work laptop and I've made sure that I can connect to my wireless internet connection and then tunnel into the firm's intranet when I need to. Therefore, if anyone needs me to do something they have can call me at home and I'll need to pound it out as soon as Tank allows.

Still, it's awful nice to still be in my pajamas at 7:50 on a weekday morning.
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Moose With Mug

Friday Phillies Card Blogging

For a couple of different reasons, I didn't do a Phillies baseball card post last week. I've decided that I still wish to make the post I had planned for that date, so this week's post is about the former Phillie who was slighted when he didn't make the HOF ballot but Gary DiSarcina did: Mickey Morandini. Collapse )