December 14th, 2005

Moose With Mug

John Nike Would Be Proud

I swear, with every passing day I feel more and more like this world is moving toward the corporation-dominated dystopia presented in so many sf novels. Coming up next, two-tiered Internets:

AT&T Inc. and BellSouth Corp. are lobbying Capitol Hill for the right to create a two-tiered Internet, where the telecom carriers' own Internet services would be transmitted faster and more efficiently than those of their competitors.

The proposal is certain to provoke a major fight with Google Inc., Yahoo Inc., Time Warner Inc., and Microsoft Corp., the powerful owners of popular Internet sites. The companies fear such a move would give telecommunications companies too much control over a fast-growing part of the Internet.


The proposal supported by AT&T and BellSouth would allow telecommunications carriers to offer their own advanced Internet video services to their customers, while rival firms' online video offerings would be transmitted at lower speed and with poorer image quality. [emphasis added]

Seriously, I love the digital age I'm living in, but I hate the fact that everytime I read something like this I feel as though corporations really will be running the world by the end of my lifetime... and that's a world a don't want to live in.

(link gakked from Boing Boing, which you really should read on a daily basis if you aren't already)
Moose With Mug

Hit-and-Run Woes

A little under two hours ago, a Fairfax County police officer came knocking on the door of the Moose den. It turns out one of our friendly little nieghborhood hoodies decided to swipe a car and go on a joy ride. Sadly, his driving skills left a little to be desired, and he was unable to keep control of the car as it peeled out of its spot. End result: massive front end damage to my car. The right wheel well is completely crushed in, antifreeze is leaking all over the pavement, the hood is buckled, and the engine made a rather unsettling crunching noise when I started it.

Merry fucking Christmas!

It's still technically too early to say for certain, but I would be shocked if my insurance company didn't write off my car. The real tragedy is that I only had one year of payments left on the car. Even if I just try to find a nice "certified used" car, I'm now looking at two years of payments, minimum, and we were counting on having that money feed up at the end of next year.

Anyway, I'm probably being far too pessimistic about the situation, but right now I'm angry, depressed and frankly just feeling like our financial situation -- which not too long ago felt like was clearing up -- has just completely bottomed out again.

I certainly hope that getting some decent sleep tonight will help.

Edit to Add (Dec. 15, 7:05 AM): Just to clarify, my car was not the one stolen. It was parked in a spot no more than a couple dozen feet away from where the (presumably) stolen vehicle was and was hit when that car peeled off. There was a witness, and he called the police, who relayed those details to me.