December 15th, 2005

Moose With Mug


Much sooner than expected, the anticipated hive attack struck about an hour-and-a-half ago. Normally, they come 48-72 hours after a very stressful incident. I honestly cannot recall the last time one came less than 24 hours after its cause.

Thankfully, the Benedryl was nearby, and less than two hours later the hives are gone (although the skin is still rather splotchy). However, I'm loopy as hell (I should've left my typos thus far uncorrected to show what happens to my typing skills when I'm on this much Benedryl), and although there's more I was hoping to post before going to bed -- including a couple pictures I took before the car was towed away -- I think it will have to wait till tomorrow.

So, I hopefully I'll write down everything I meant to get to today, and still do the Friday Phillies blogging to boot.