December 30th, 2005

Moose With Mug

Let Me Sum Up

Short version of what went wrong today:

  1. Check from insurance company didn't arrive as promised.
  2. Chrysler Financial won't finance car I had set my sights on.
  3. Ass-munchers in GEICO's total loss dept. leave at 4:30 PM, long before I can contact them about missing check.
  4. Rental car due for return on morning on Jan. 3 -- still don't have the money for down payment or deposit on a car.
  5. Now pissed as hell as GEICO -- check is the third instance where they don't follow through on their word.
  6. Ready to tell everyone I know to either stay away from them or change their insurance to another company.

Yeah, the whole situation is just reeking to high heaven. I'm sincerely hoping for better car karma in 2006.
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