January 12th, 2008

Moose With Mug

Some Fantastic Coming Out of Mothballs

I've spent a good deal of today actually doing the work needed to pull Some Fantastic out of hiatus. Unfortunately, there's still an awful lot to do -- last year was disastrous for the 'zine and my worries a few months ago about needing to pull the plug on Some Fantastic were very real.

I'm happy to announce that the much-delayed next issue will go online in the first week of February. That issue will also mark the debut of justjayj as co-editor of Some Fantastic. The plan is for smaller, more frequent issues in the hope of better managing the workflow, and justjayj and I are considering other changes to the 'zine. Regardless of any potential changes, I certainly hope that my problems with keeping on Some Fantastic on schedule are now behind me.