January 15th, 2008

Moose News

At Last.... Success!

It took me nearly 90 minutes, trying both the wireless card and the ethernet port, but about 20 minutes ago I finally got onto the Internet from my hotel room. I don't know what setting it was that I tinkered with that finally got the job done (and it's very likely I did something that a tech from Major Defense Contractor will scream at me about), but I'm just happy to finally be online.

I was hoping to catch up on reading and commenting on LJ, writing some emails and even do some editing on already received Some Fantastic submissions, but most of that is now out the window -- for tonight anyway. I have no plans for tomorrow evening while I'm up here in Andover, so I might -- depending on what bosses at MDC have in mind -- drive into Boston tomorrow evening and just see where the night takes me.

Wait, I don't do that sort of thing in cities that I know well. Let me change my bull shit statement -- if I figure out something to do in Boston tomorrow evening that is relatively inexpensive and doesn't involve my driving all over the land of Celtic/Patriot/Red Sox pride in a vain effort to figure out where I'm going, I'll probably cruise into town.

On that note, I'm off to other regions of LJ and after that the wastelands of the Internet.

I just hope that I'm able to get a halfway decent night of sleep -- historically, I have a lousy time sleeping in strange beds, and the last time I was up here was no exception.
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