January 24th, 2008

Sick Moose

Recuperation & Looking Ahead to the Weekend

Staying home sick today with a nasty chest cold, and hoping to get both plenty of rest and review reading done. I also hope to get a little bit of LJ  posting done, but that's not much of a priority.

I'm looking ahead to the weekend and trying to figure out what to do with either Friday or Saturday evening (assuming I'm feeling well enough to go out of the house). I'm not sure at this time which will be available. I haven't made any plans to do anything with anyone, but I still will like to get out of the house one way or another -- even if all I do is visit one of my favorite haunts.

It's a bit late in the week to do so, but I may try to contact a few different people and see if any of them are feeling social and have the same bit of time on the weekend open to them.