April 9th, 2008

Moose With Mug

Clarification to Last Night's Post

(Cross-posted from the OkCupid journal.)

Because I feel the need to clarify a few things from the last post....

  1. When I write posts like the previous one I am trying to balance what is going on in my mind with a certain amount of brevity. It's a hold-over from my days long ago as Commentary Editor of the college newspaper, and although I enjoy writing in such a a manner, I'm a little out of practice. Based on some responses, it's clear that I didn't strike the right balance on that particular piece. I hope to do better the next time around. :-)
  2. I sounded somewhat curmudgeonly when I wrote "every time any sort of connection ends -- whether it's after the first and only date or after the eighth -- I feel like I want that time and money back." I just had an experience where I went on several dates with someone I met here on OkCupid before things broke off, and I would like to say that I did have a lot of fun along the way and overall had a great time with the woman. The "time and money back" is an expression of the frustration of traveling down a path that ultimately turned into a dead-end.
  3. I'm not actually annoyed (well, not anymore anyway) at women my age who are looking for men who are looking for men who are "athletic/skinny, without kids, never married, 6' or taller, income of $100,000+." Everyone has a right to look for the person they think will make them happy, and I don't begrudge them for it. From my perspective, however, there are comparably fewer women in this general region who are in my age range and are single parents (yes, I am seeking them out as well) and it just seems to me that the single woman I specifically described seems to be looking for something that is rather rare in this neck of the woods. It's a shame because otherwise some of them sound very attractive to me... until I see that I don't meet their minimum requirements. It's actually for the better that they put this information out up-front -- I know not to waste my time putting together a personalized response to their personal ad.

Like I said, I just felt the need to clarify. I actually already have my next post planned out in my head. Hopefully, this time I will do a better job of composing it.
Moose With Mug

Odd Reference to Find on a Sports Website

I love reading ESPN's Page 2, and not just because I'm a sports fan. I love it because every once in a while one of the articles on it contains some sort of reference that you know that a large percentage of the readers just won't get and can't be bothered to look up online. Today's "Best and Worst MLB Promotions for 2008" article contains a wonderful example of this:

J.J. Putz Soul Patch Night (Mariners, April 12) -- Body-hair-related giveaways are always a great idea. This is intended to be worn as a soul patch, and is labeled as such. Which is good, because confused fans might think they came out to the park on Free Merkin Night.

I can just picture somewhere some 12-year-old boy reading this, going to his dad and asking what a "merkin" is. Then, that father looking it up and being mortified his son asked about such an item. That's the type of thing family memories are made of.