May 15th, 2008

Moose With Mug

August 19, 1994

For you SF fans who don't know, John Scalzi is running a contest on his blog, and the winner receives a signed advance reading copy of his next book, Zoe's Tale. It ends this evening at one second before midnight, and all you have to do to enter is leave a comment on his blog explaining what happened on August 19, 1994 -- full details can be found by clicking here.

Just so I have it for my own easy reference, here's my submission to the contest:

August 19, 1994 was the day that the space-time continuum actually fell apart. Oddly, it fell apart in reverse fashion; the past is now flexible, easily changeable and continues to unceasingly mutate. The fluctuations grow ever more severe the further back in recorded history. The future, however, is now irrevocably fixed on a straight-line path with no hope of deviation. For a brief, unsettling moment, everyone on Earth became aware of this unsettling truth. As the facts of the past change, so do our memories and our recorded history

Only a few unfortunate souls, such as myself, did not experience the virtually instantaneous collective amnesia that overcame humankind in an effort to protect its own sanity. We are the only ones who see these changes and when we try to tell people about them, our words are immediately forgotten — overwritten by the fluid shifting of past timelines.

With the exception of us unfortunate souls who know the truth, the only sign that something happened on that evening is the unsettling feeling that everyone, including John, feels when reminded of August 19, 1994. Something happened on that night, but no one can recall exactly what it was.

I'm a horrible judge of my own creative writing, but I feel good that I at least made the effort. :-)