June 22nd, 2008

Moose News

The New Apartment

I'm sore, exhausted and pretty much ready to go to bed (this time would be early for me), but it's all for a good reason: I took possession of my new apartment this weekend. The actual move itself will take place in just six days, but I did take the time to bring two carloads full of possessions over. I also made a couple trips to Target for various items for the new place, picked up an oak entertainment center off of Craigslist and deposited all those items at the new place as well. I plan on making one more trip with a full carload on Tuesday evening.

There's still a ridiculous amount to cram into the next five days -- somewhere during all the move prep I will be putting a new issue of Some Fantastic online -- but I feel like my life is finally moving forward after part of it has been on hold for months. If I wasn't so sore and exhausted, I'd be doing a happy dance right now. :-) 
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