July 10th, 2008

Computer Moose

Comcast Pissing Me Off Already

At this point, I've had bundled services with Comcast for less than two weeks, and already they've managed to thoroughly and completely piss me off to no end. It has become blatantly obvious that the second they set a phone number up for me, they went about selling it to as many "services of interest" as quickly as possible. I know it was them because I haven't registered the new number with anyone yet (hell, I didn't even leave a forwarding number with Verizon when I canceled their service), and telemarketers are asking for me by name.

I've already gone and signed up for the Do Not Call Registry, but that doesn't change the fact that they never even informed me that this was something they would do with my information. I signed up for the service over the phone, and even if this is their "default" privacy setting, they never informed me of it. I've learned my lesson -- my next step is to both write and call Comcast and explicitly tell them that they are not authorized to sell my private information to anyone anymore.

The fuckers.