July 14th, 2008

Moose & Son

Still Fighting It.... One Year Later

For a long time, I used to go back into my archives every day and see what I posted about on that same date in previous years. Unfortunately, I stopped doing this sometime in April of last year because it meant rereading a long series of progressively more painful posts (many of them private or severely restricted to just a few select people) that I stared writing during April, 2006. Since then I've sporadically gone into the archive to peek, but I do so very carefully, making it a point to stay away from posts that contain a subject title that makes it clear to me there's something rather painful in the text waiting for me.

Today, when doing that I came across a post I wrote for Tank a little over a year ago. It's even more true now than when I wrote it a year ago. When I wrote it, I still had some hope that somehow he would grow up with both his parents in the same household and he wouldn't experience many of the things I did as the child of divorced parents. Sadly, that's no longer the case, which means that since I originally wrote the post there's even more about his growing up that's going to be painful for him in some fashion -- that much more that I can't shield him from.

I'm sure that it will all be okay in the end -- it's all just another thing that I wish I could change but cannot.
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A Few Random Notes

A few random notes from the past few days:

  1. The new #1 hit song on Tank's Weekly Top 20 Countdown is Carl Douglas's "Kung Fu Fighting." Thank you, Kung Fu Panda, for single-handedly making sure that song ended up on my iPod.
  2. I recently redeemed an Amazon gift certificate, and one of the items I got with it was the soundtrack to the movie Beautiful Girls. Now that I've listened to it a few times, I can honestly say that the only song on it that I like but didn't already own is "Beautiful Girl" by Peter Droge & The Sinners. However, since this was the reason I bought the soundtrack in the first place, it was worth every penny. The song is that good (and not available legally anywhere as a digital download). Oh, and if you've never seen the movie, do what you can to track it down -- it's totally worth the effort considering that the DVD is currently out of print.
  3. Taking Tank to Wall-E was an incredible experience. It was a great movie and some of Tank's reactions to it were priceless. I don't take him to the movies very often, but I am so glad I took him to see this one on the big screen.
That is all, for now.