July 28th, 2008

Moose News

Moose Reports

In no particular order:

  • Still trying to make the finances of being a single parent work without sacrificing either dating or the 'zine. However, the hard reality is that the lifestyle I've grown accustomed to for the past 10 years is gone.
  • It's very evil that the local Super Target has bulk Jelly Bellys available. Although I have succumbed to temptation a couple times, I proud of the restraint I've shown thus far.
  • This coming weekend is the last weekend of the softball season. It might just be the last weekend of playing adult softball for me. My time is more precious than ever before, and while I love playing, I'm not getting enough out of it to justify the time or cost (most of the fields are are approximately 15-20 miles away, which means the cost of gas is becoming prohibitive).
  • I'd like to thank Pepsi and Amazon for the current Pepsi Stuff promotion. I've had to do very little to take maximum advantage of the program without changing my diet soda consumption (I don't drink coffee -- my caffeine fix has to come from somewhere) and as a result this year I've downloaded over 25 songs for free.
  • On the other hand, as I reread that last bullet point, it's readily apparent that if I can kick caffeine then I could be saving myself about $30-$40 month on soda. That's certainly something that I need to keep in mind while trying to free up money for other purposes.
That's all for now.