July 29th, 2008


Doing the Right Thing

I read the following on Grist today, it suddenly occurred to me that my favorite bath soap might be an offender:

... [T]he tiny exfoliating beads in many facial scrubs are made of polyethylene, and once the beads get washed down the drain and make their way to the ocean, it's time for Nemo and friends to get ill. (Of course, polyethylene's also a suspected carcinogen, and as a plastic, its production is fossil fuel-intensive.)

Sure enough, I just checked, and Irish Spring MicroClean uses the little beady beasties. It's too late for me to go to the store this evening to replace my remaining stock with something slightly more ocean-friendly before I shower tomorrow morning. Nonetheless, I will make that trip tomorrow, and in the future I will be reading labels a little more closely for this sort of thing.