August 3rd, 2008

Moose News

The Weekend

For the first time in a long while, I feel like I've had a very productive weekend. Yesterday, I took Tank to the Loudon County Fair and thoroughly enjoyed the fact that he's now big enough to go onto most carnival rides (he's still much taller than most boys his age -- that hasn't changed since his birth). I've always had a feeling that one day he would become a great roller coaster partner, and yesterday I only received additional confirmation. Finally big enough to get on a ride that he could be truly thrown around and flipped upside-down, Tank had an absolute blast. In fact, in the middle of one of those type of rides, he actually said, "Thank you for taking me upside down Daddy!" Luckily, at 5:00 PM the wristbands that gave us unlimited access to the rides expired -- the boy had really worn me out by that time.

However, as tired as I was when we left the fair, it paled in comparison to how I felt after today's softball games ended. I pulled a hamstring and because our team was already short-handed from an injury earlier in the game, I ended up playing through to the end of the game even though I had the mobility of a lamp post.

But the reason I feel like I had a really productive weekend has to do with writing. I estimate that this weekend I wrote nearly 3000 words spread out over to two different pieces. The first 1400 or so were on my still unfinished book review of Wastelands: Stories of the Apocalypse for Some Fantastic and the remainder were a piece I wrote for an upcoming issue of Chris Garcia's Drink Tank. It's a piece that I've had rolling around in my head as an LJ post for a while, but it just so happens that it works nicely for Chris's 'zine.

I plan to get the Wastelands review finished tomorrow evening, and I'm holding out some slight hope that I might somehow get a second review finished in time for the August issue of SF. However, the chances of that happening are incredibly slim. Nonetheless, it felt good to get so much writing down this weekend.