August 29th, 2008

Moose With Mug

More Fun With Gustav

So, Gustav has the Republicans understandably worried that it will overshadow their convention -- after all, the last thing they need is Gustav reminding all Americans about the most inept handling of a natural disaster by the federal government in our lifetimes. As a result they are now considering postponing their convention.

But buried in the Washington Post story about the Republican Party panic is this particular howler:

Senior Republicans said images of political celebration in the Twin Cities while thousands of Americans flee a hurricane could be dubious. "Senator McCain has always been sensitive to national crisis," said McCain spokesman Tucker Bounds, noting that the senator postponed announcing his presidential candidacy in 2000 because of the war in the Balkans. "We are monitoring the situation very closely."

So what was Mr. Sensitivity doing on this date in 2005 while the drowning of New Orleans was well underway?

Yep, having a blast and yukking it up with Mr. Worse-President-Ever. To be fair, it was McCain's birthday, and we can't have a national disaster canceling birthday celebrations now can we? That would be insensitive to the Birthday Boy and the Celebrator in Chief.

No wonder the Republicans are shitting their pants over Gustav.