August 31st, 2008

Moose With Mug

Oh, I Find That Reassuring

The White House is apparently anxious to show that unlike the last time a hurricane slammed into the New Orleans area, President Bush is on top of things and looking very Presidential as Gustav gets ready to smash into the Gulf Coast.

If only they weren't so posed... also, just why exactly is Shrub II holding a bright red folder marked "CLASSIFIED" in the photos? What the hell does that have to do with Gustav? By the way, take the time to read the captions for each of the four photos -- in each one he's listed as speaking with the governor of a different state: Texas, Louisiana, Mississippi and Alabama. I didn't even know that he was aware that they were all Gulf states, but that's what you have PR photographers for.
Moose With Mug

My Longest Review Ever

Tomorrow night, justjayj and I intend to have the new issue of Some Fantastic online. It will feature what is by far the longest review I have ever written: 2700 words on J. J. Adams's Wastelands anthology. I did this despite discussing less than half the stories in the anthology; post-apocalyptic fiction is in my wheel-house as a reviewer, and it's hard for me to be brief when I start discussing it. In fact, my previous longest review ever was for another anthology of post-holocaust fiction, Beyond Armaggedon.

The scary thing: I have one more promised review for a novel set in a post-peak oil world... yes, more post-apocalyptic fiction. I'll see if I can find a way to better constrain myself on that review.