September 11th, 2008


About My Last Post...

I seem to have really gotten under the skin of a few people with my previous post, and none of them actually know me. I don't know how they found my little soapbox on the internet -- I'm relatively certain it has probably something to do with IceRocket (or some similar site) and the name of the theater company involved.

I'm trying my best to not reflexively go into complete self-defense mode, but that's been my instinctual reaction to a couple of the anonymous comments. It really bothers me when people who have never read a single entry on my LJ page randomly come across a post I've made and make comments that imply certain judgments about me.

Ugh. Just another reason how I understand why so many people -- even those who do their best to mask their identity -- either completely friends lock their LJ or moderate/ban anonymous commenting.

I think the moral of this story is that I'm the one that needs to "grow a set." :-)