October 5th, 2008

Moose With Mug

Goal for the Day: Personal Productivity

Today, for the the first time in weeks, after I take care of household chores and grocery shopping, I should have a rather large amount of time to take care of things like catching up on email, tending to Some Fantastic -- including getting some real reading done -- take a breather and watch some Phillies and Eagles on TV, and {gasp} maybe even try to make an LJ post or two in an effort to reconnect with my LJ friends (and others non-LJ people who read this page regularly).

Oh, and before I forget, this non-consumer (i.e., I spend very little time unnecessarily in stores) noticed his first Christmas creep yesterday. Yep, my favorite Borders has a display of Christmas CDs already. Lewis Black is right, Christians don't know how to properly take care of the holiday and we should turn it over to the Jews to administer properly.

Moose News

Oh Well

So much for productivity. I did manage the weekly food shopping, and I did do dishes. However, I've also watched the Phillies advance to the NLCS, two episodes of Babylon 5 and an episode of Doctor Who. Maybe I can still salvage some of the productivity, but right now I'm kind of enjoying just relaxing and taking care of myself. Even though I know that's the right thing to do and I have no regrets at this moment, I'm sure come tomorrow morning I'll be kicking myself a bit for not making better use of my time today.

C'est le vie.