October 16th, 2008

Moose With Mug

The Morning After

Sill deliciously, deliriously happy from last night's game. I was a bit stoic last night immediately after the win, but this morning, I kid you not, I'm tearing up as I read the numerous articles in the Philadelphia Inquirer and Daily News about the game and celebrations in Philly. One of the rare good things that comes out of being a die-hard fan of a team as historically inept as the Phillies is that you never, ever take championships (division, league or World Series -- the last of which I would like to remind people is something the Philles have only done once in their 126-season existence) for granted and there's never any feelings of entitlement. After a night like last night, there's just unadulterated joy, and suffering through so many losing seasons and (more recently) several near misses at making the postseason makes the high of this moment that much better.

I'll return to my default worrisome, pessimistic fan-mode by the time the World Series starts on Wednesday, but for now, I'm enjoying every minute of this.

Next up for me: deciding whose name and number I pick for the World Series jersey I will figure out a way to purchase once they are available from Phillies.com.

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Poll: Which Phillie Should Receive the Honor?

Well, the 2008 World Series jerseys are already available on the Phillies website, and once I figure out how the hell I'm actually going to pay for it, I've already decided that I'm going to get the Authentic Personalized Alternate Jersey with 2008 World Series Patch. The issue now is picking the player who will be forever immortalized in my collection of Phillies jerseys. I'm going to stay away from the big name stars on the team because they already get plenty of adoration from the fans. Instead, I'm going to pick one of lesser-known players who nonetheless played a major role in getting the Phillies to the World Series. I thought it would be fun to get some input from my LJ friends So, without further ado...

Poll #1279768 2008 World Series Jersey Poll

Whose name and number should I get on the jersey?

Matt Stairs, 12
Chris Coste, 27
Greg Dobbs, 19
Jamie Moyer, 50
Other (leave your vote in a coment to this post)