October 19th, 2008

Moose News

The Current State of the Moose

While fully acknowledging I have made brief statements on LJ over the past couple months that I intend to post more about various things in my life, I also intend to post more in the very near future about the wonderful time I had this weekend celebrating Tank's fifth birthday (which was officially this past Friday). Being his dad has been the most fulfilling and awe-inspiring thing I've ever done, and I've loved spending the last couple days celebrating his birthday with him.

Having said that, I'm damn-near exhausted right now, and I will need to leave home in roughly 15 minutes to take him to see his mother. I'm hoping that Marie (the mystery woman who I've been dating for the past six weeks) will be very understanding when she arrives at my place in about 90 minutes. I'm guessing she will -- she seems to totally get me, which is rather amazing and is no small task -- and that we'll be having a relatively quiet, uneventful evening.