October 23rd, 2008

Moose With Mug

One Down...

I won't take the Game One win as any sort of omen, but any wins this late in October are certainly welcome (even if they are by just one nerve-wracking run).
Moose With Mug

Is It Just Me?

Look, I didn't expect the Phillies to sweep -- not by any stretch of the imagination -- but those two blown calls by the home plate umpire tonight had a huge impact on the game this evening. I hope there's some sort of review system in place where MLB lets the umpires know that their mistakes are being tracked.

Having said that, is it just me, or do the Fox broadcasters have an incredible hard-on for the Rays in the series? They can't seem to praise the Rays or downplay the Phillies enough. It's almost as bad as having to watch Phillies games against the Braves on TBS back in the mid '90s.