November 30th, 2008

Moose With Mug

Brief Weekend Update

After a nice Thanksgiving holiday, I've spent a nice, lazy weekend with Marie.* Last night, after enjoying a vegetarian sloppy joe at Brewer's Alley in Frederick, I watched Across the Universe with her last night -- she really liked it, but because I got every single goram Beatles reference in the movie, I thought it was too cute by half and just a smidge self-conscious. Today I was hoping to get some work done on Some Fantastic, but my MacBook -- the computer I have QuarkXpress installed on -- is now in dire need of a new battery and power cord. Unfortunately, I don't have the money for either, and while I will still attempt to get an issue out, the power problem could be a little difficult to fully overcome until I have the couple hundred dollars needed to replace the two parts.

So, given it was a wet, rainy, cold, miserable day today and the power problems with the MacBook made working on the 'zine difficult, Marie and I spent the afternoon cuddled up on the couch watching Serenity, which she had never seen before. Sadly, I fell asleep mid-movie and missed about 40 minutes of it -- including my favorite scene -- but overall it was a nice way to spend the afternoon. Lazy, do-nothing weekends are terribly underrated, and sometimes it really is refreshing to have one.

Tonight: more fun time by playing games with Marie, interspersed with more chocolate chip cookie making, because I want to become a zen, bad-ass cookie maker.

That's my story, and I'm sticking to it.

* Yes, she's still something of a mystery to a lot of you, and at some point I will write more about her. For now, suffice it to say she's totally awesome and rules my world. :-)