January 4th, 2009

Moose News

Making Some Progress

As some of you reading this already know by now, I have spent a lot of this afternoon catching up on email and clearing out the inbox. Since I started three hours ago, I have wittled down my inbox (not to be confused with unread) from over 280 to 41 -- and I'm only taking a breather right now as I still have a few more I want to take care of. Admittedly, there's been a lot of plain archiving and deleting, but it's the type of email maintenance I haven't properly done in quite some time.

Next up on the list (after the email is fully tackled): catching up on some posting and commenting on LJ.
Moose With Mug

Familiar Football Territory

So, halftime is about to end on the Eagles-Vikings game, and it's reminding me of far too many Eagles-Giants games played over the past decade or so. The Eagles are winning a game that be all rights they should be losing. It's the type of game where you sit there waiting for the Giants Vikings to finally put it together and just stomp the Eagles viciously into the ground. There's no enjoying the fact you're ahead until the game is over -- that is, if the Eagles actually win the game.

Anyway, with a 16-14 lead at the half, I'm not all that optimistic about the Eagles chances based on the performance I've seen thus far.