March 24th, 2009

McDonald's Moose

I'm 37, I'm Not Old

Thank you to everyone who has told me "Happy Birthday" via email, LJ and Facebook wall posts. Each of the birthday wishes was greatly appreciated, and I apologize for not responding to every one of them individually. Tonight's birthday feast will actually be at McDonald's as this is the usual Tuesday evening routine when Tank returns to my care after spending the previous few days with his mother. It might be my birthday, but I don't wish to face the Wrath of Tank should we mess with his normal Tuesday routine. :-)

Oh, the theme for this birthday (for me anyway) is referenced in the Subject line to this post. It was uttered in a famous 30-year-old movie by a wise character who had a lot to say about the British government and how it works. If I have to explain the reference any further, then I do have to wonder how well you, the reader, really know me. :-)

Okay, I'm done with the smiley emoticons... for now.