April 19th, 2009

Moose News

Good Time Thus Far

Now on the fourth full day of my trip to Philly and everything has been going wonderful thus far. Will post more about the trip once I return home sometime tomorrow, but some of the highlights include Edgar Allan Poe house, kicking butt at bar trivia, realistic chocolate hearts, great food at Ernesto's, going to a book signing for Jayson Stark's new book, and walking around Philadelphia with mksilver (the girlfriend also known as Marie) yesteday (some of the previous items on the list were done with her as well). Going to a Phillies game in a couple hours and having dinner with keith89 and our respective girlfriends this evening before heading home tomorrow morning.

Not having a Twitter account doesn't mean I can't write a post that looks like it could've been broken into a half-dozen Twitter posts.