April 27th, 2009

Moose News

At the Game Last Weekend

I haven't gotten around to posting about the Philly trip as I planned, but there's one thing I just need to absolutely post before I forget. When I made my one post from there, it was just before I was leaving for the Phillies game on Sunday afternoon. On the way to Citizen's Bank Park, mksilver and I got incredibly lucky when a partner at a Center City law firm saw us in our Phillies jerseys on the way to the Broad Street station and gave us the tickets for his seats, since he couldn't use them. If you know what I look like, then you might be able to figure out where I am in this screenshot of the game that I was able to pull off of the archive at MLB.tv:

If you aren't able to find me, I'm in the second row, behind the guy in the grey Phillies sweatshirt (I'm wearing a white Phillies jersey with a blue Phillies cap). I sincerely doubt I'll have seats like that ever again. Words cannot express how psyched I was to luck into getting those seats... for free, no less! It certainly helped that they came from behind to win 5-4, on a walk-off two-run home run by Raul Ibanez.