April 30th, 2009

Moose With Mug

Happiness Is...

... hearing and seeing your five-year-old son in the backseat of the car on the way into daycare/work rockin' out to the Smash Mouth cover of "Why Can't We Be Friends."

Afterward, I played the original War version, but he liked the Smash Mouth cover better. I'm not too disappointed in the choice -- there's a reason both are on my iPod -- but I think it would have even better if he was loving the original more.

Gillian Anderson as... The Rani!?

Okay, I was not one of those X-Files fanboy geeks who had a major crush on Gillian Anderson during the '90s. I was too busy being fixated on the likes of Alicia Silverstone at the time (don't ask). However, the news that Ms. Anderson will be appearing in the next season of Doctor Who as The Rani... yeah, the notion has me agog in anticipation.

By the way, I love this quote from the link where I found this out: "The biggest fangasm this side of the millennium is heard as Gillian Anderson is to join the cast of Doctor Who." While I'm not necessarily having a fangasm, I think I know which of my friends are. :-)

Moose With Mug

"Deep" Thought

Given that the Republican Governor of Texas has recently stated that succession from the United States is an option and that many on the far-right are suggesting a revolution if the government becomes too "socialist," is it possible that Orson Scott Card will write a novel set in the near future where ultra-conservatives rise up in revolution against the American government? If so, will it be as mind-blowingly awful and filled with as many ridiculous caricatures of liberals as his book Empire was?