May 7th, 2009

Moose Munch

Good Bye to J.D., Turk, Elliot, Carla, & Dr. Cox

It seemed like everyone in my generation fell in love with Friends and/or Seinfeld, but for some reason I never fell in love with either of those shows. I never considered why I didn't become a fan of either show -- I enjoyed the occasional episodes of the them when I caught them, but I never felt the urge at any time to keep current with either show. Furthermore, I felt no compunction to get caught up in the buzz when the last episodes of the two series aired. In fact, it barely registered at all on my radar.

The wasn't the case with Scrubs. There have been very few shows I kept up with as an adult, but Scrubs was one of them. Even though it had jumped the shark sometime during the end of the fifth season, I kept up with it and watched every episode up through the finale, which I finished watching about 45 minutes ago -- fittingly enough (given that I predominantly kept up with the show via DVD releases), I saw it the day after it aired. The fact is that I loved the characters and relationships in a way that I haven't been emotionally invested in any other show in a long time, and even though the last three seasons were uneven, I couldn't give up on them.

Last night's episode wasn't particularly special -- at least not by the standards of sitcom series finales -- but it did all the things that you need out of a favorite show when it leaves the air. I got the closure I needed, and cried like a little girl to boot. I know there's a chance that ABC will be airing a another year (and version) of the show next season, but for all practical purposes, this one was the end of the line for me.

Good bye to J.D, Turk, Elliot, Dr. Cox, Dr. Kelso, The Janitor, The Todd, Jordan, Ted, the various members of "The Brain Trust," Nurse Roberts, Dr. Mickhead, Dr. Beardface, Tasty Coma Wife, Snoop Dog Intern/Resident/Attending and everyone else in Scrubs I didn't mention by name... it's been great getting to know you.