May 12th, 2009


Star Trekking With Marie

So, I made it to to the theater to see Star Trek this past weekend, and I thoroughly enjoyed it. When I saw the first trailers a number of months ago, I was actually cringing and fearing for the worst. However, J. J. Abrams deserves plenty of credit for achieving just the right mix of re-imagining the Star Trek universe and maintaining proper reverence for the source material -- even if some of the science was just wrong (who signed off on the "red matter" thing?) and I have a minor nit-pick over plot-hole that I will get into if someone really wants to hear about it.

The one person who did hear about it was mksilver, who deserves all sorts of props for going to see the film with me. She's not a Star Trek fan, so she possessed very little knowledge of Kirk and crew. Nonetheless, she put up with me squeeling and having fangasms over the film, as well as listening me go on ad nauseum about the movie afterwards. Then, as an added bonus, she had to put up with my rather quickly coming down with a cold that started by putting all sorts of painful congestion pressure on my eardrums (a cold I'm still dealing with as I type this). I tend not to handle such things very well, and she deserves extra bonus points for dealing with that so quickly after having to deal with my Star Trek fandom.

Hopefully, things will go a little better for her the next time I drag her into one of my fandoms. Although, given that at the beginning of our relationship she experienced a Phillies World Series championship with me, I doubt there's anything about my various fandoms that she hasn't experienced that she can't handle. That is, unless, she happens to be with me when, should it happen, I get to meet the members of Barenaked Ladies again. :-)