May 16th, 2009

Moose With Mug


From yesterday:

  • 14:01 Yeah, I created an account, despite my protests a couple months ago. I feel so dirty now for joining the herd and not sticking to my guns. #
  • 17:25 Wondering where I can find some Funky Cold Medina... that, and contemplating whether I'm lisening to too much '80s music on the iPod. #
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Moose With Mug

Raising the Boy Right

Unfortunately, right now the commute to the office takes about 45 minutes each way. On the days I have Tank, we take turns listening to our favorite music. Actually, it's more like we listen to his favorite music for a while, and then I put the iPod on shuffle and manually skip past songs with content that I think (for whatever reason) might be inappropriate for him.

It was during one of those musical stretches yesterday morning that Tank suddenly decided that he really like XTC's "Dear God." He doesn't get the lyrical message of the song, but he loves hearing the little boy sing at the beginning and very end, and he really loves the beat/cadence of the music and singing during the part of the song when Andy Partridge starts singing, "I won't believe in heaven and hell. No saints, no sinners, no devil as well..." I won't ever get in the way of his own religious discovery as he gets older, but at the same time, I am more than amused that he has decided that he likes this song.