June 3rd, 2009

Moose With Mug

Tank's Already Disappearing Childhood

Continuing on a theme from last night, I have another Twitter post I wanted to finally expand upon. Back on May 23, I mentioned that a part of Tank's early childhood was already gone and it made me sad. The part of his childhood I am referring to is the carousel at the Springfield Mall in Springfield, VA.

Those of you who have reading my posts since my old LJ page might remember that when Tank was 1-3 years old, one of his favorite activities was to ride carousels, and the one that was closest to us was the one in the Springfield Mall. Because it was one of his favorite things to do, we took a lot of pictures of him when he was on it, and a couple of them even made it online (there may be more embedded in posts on the old LJ page -- please forgive me for not trying to hunt them down). Unfortunately, thanks to my steady migration west and north across Northern Virginia over the past three years, it has been quite some time since I took him there.

On the same day I made the Twitter post I'm referring to, I read an article on The Wall Street Journal website about malls in American dying out. The article included mentions of a couple websites currently documenting dead and dying malls. One of them had a page dedicated to the Springfield Mall, and that's where I found out that it has nose-dived rather spectacularly over the past couple years. During the exodus of many of the stores there, the people who owned and operated the carousel there have since removed it.

I'm used to parts of my childhood disappearing -- I accept that as an inevitable part of my world these days. However, it doesn't seem like Tank is old enough to have a small part of his childhood disappearing as well. I know I have the pictures and memories, but I can't believe that the place that produced them is already gone.