August 13th, 2009

Moose With Mug

The Bleacher Bum Idiots and Other Phillies Stuff

For those of you who didn't see it, in last night's Phillies-Cubs game, a Wrigley patron neanderthal threw a cup of beer and hit the Phillies' Shane Victorino in the face while he was making a catch. While the incident was covered during MLB Network's Quick Pitch, I couldn't help but think that if someone at Citizen's Bank Park had done something similar to a player from a visiting team then we would have gotten the usual slew of press coverage of how horrible Philly fans are. I truly don't think that Phillies fans are any worse these days than the worst fans in any other city, but in much the same manner that prejudices against ethnic groups develop, a large number of people just think that Philly fans are neanderthals. I'm not saying that the Philly fans didn't do things in the past to bring some of the judgment on themselves. However, there seems to be no collective memory of the other horrible things that fans in other cities have done.

Having said that, I might have been happier if someone on Quick Pitch berated the fan for the waste of alcohol. I mean, we're in a recession and you're wasting an $8.00 beer like that? There are sober frat boys somewhere in the South Side who can't afford expensive beers like that cursing at the television when shown replays of the incident.

Finally, I already posted this to Facebook last night, but the only thing weirder than currently seeing Pedro Martinez in a Phillies uniform was seeing Fernando Valenzuela in a Phillies uniform back in 1995.* I have the baseball cards to prove it, but it still looks bizarre 14 years later. I have a feeling that Pedro's Phillies cards, when they come out, will look just a weird in 2023.

*I might accept the argument that seeing Jeff Conine in a Phillies uniform in 2006 was more disconcerting, but it will have to be a good argument.