October 2nd, 2009

Moose News

It's Been Three Months, So...

I haven't written much to LJ lately, mostly because I have an incredibly busy schedule that affords me little time to write posts. Mind you, I seem to occasionally find time to play Bejeweled Blitz and Mafia Wars on Facebook, so clearly what I need to do is reexamine how I use smaller chunks of time averaging 10-15 minutes.

Anyway, there are lots of reasons that I've fallen off the face of LJ, and one of them is Sally, whom I went on a first date with three months ago today. The last two times I started seeing someone, I wrote overly excited posts stating how wonderful the intial dates went. This time around, I decided to take a far more low key approach to see how things played out. It also, in my mind, allowed me the proper perspective to take a broader view of how things developed.

Now that we've hit the three-month mark, I'm comfortable in finally talking a bit about Sally. Things are going amazingly well with her -- I cannot formulate enough superlative ways to describe the way I feel about her and how wonderful a woman she is. There's even been bad poetry -- not Vogon bad, mind you, but the type of missive composed by lovesick men in their late teens or early twenties.

No, I will not repost said poetry here.

With the caveat that I seem to have made similar statements over the past few weeks and not followed through, at some point this weekend I'll take the time to write a little more about her and how things have progressed thus far. In the meantime, the two of us will be getting together tonight for dinner and a movie to celebrate three months.
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