October 9th, 2009

NonPlussed Moose

What the Fuck?

I'd like to think that over the past seven years of LJing that I've established my credentials as a crunchy granola liberal. Having said that, my reaction to Obama winning the Nobel Peace Prize -- and it remains after reading the reasons it was given to him:


Seriously, I'd at least understand him winning the Nobel Prize for literature -- he has written a couple books at least. But the Nobel Peace Prize after being President for so short a period of time? I'd better understand giving it to Bill Clinton for his Fucking for Peace initiative -- although I don't think it's gotten much press lately.

Whoever developed the drugs that the Nobel Committee took before making this decision needs to win the Nobel Prize for Chemistry.

Edit to Add, 10:10 AM:
I wanted to state the joke before some Birther, right-winger nut job came up with it on his own: President Obama becomes first Nigerian to win Nobel Peace Prize.