October 28th, 2009

Moose With Mug

No Respect

I think it's safe to say that during my lifetime there has never been a defending champion in sports who returned to the championship game/series and been treated with as little respect as this year's Phillies (see the ESPN predictions to get a taste of what I'm talking about). Seriously, some of the coverage I've read the last few days would make you wonder why they're even bothering to play the World Series. We should all just kiss each of Derek Jeter's first four WS rings, let him tame the Phillies with the magic trick of telling them to be still and staring into all of their eyes, make him king of all World Series, give him a fifth ring and let the Yankees and their fans begin their wild rumpus.

By the way, the current amount of time since the Yankees last won a title does not come anywhere near to qualifying as a "drought." I'm singling out Jim Caple of ESPN as one of many who have actually applied that term to the Yankees.

Anyway, I'm not expecting a Phillies win -- even after last year, that's my default setting. However, I don't think this Series is going to be the beatdown that so many are expecting. If, however, the Phillies do manage a win, the bitter tears of all those who expect Jeter to lead the Yankees to the promised land with his absolute clutchiness will make the Phillies victory taste that much better.
Moose With Mug

Howls of Derisive Laughter

I've already posted this to Facebook and Twitter: someone in the Yankees organization is taking some massive hits on the bong pipe. That's the only excuse for the wonderful ironic music choices when introducing the starting lineups. "Imperial March" for the Phillies and the music from the Rebel award ceremony for the Yankees. Just, wow. Who actually thinks that the Yankees=the Rebel Alliance and the Phillies=the Galactic Empire?

(Yes, I know as the reigning champs, the Phillies are "in power," but historically speaking, the analogy falls horribly flat. In no sense whatsoever are the Yankees a plucky band of rebels attempting to bring down an Evil Empire.)