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November 4th, 2009

The V Reboot

A few thoughts from last night's premiere of the new V series:

  • Great, Wash and Inara are V. If Mal shows up as an alien, I think my head will explode from the cognitive dissonance.
  • When I first saw Chad Decker, I thought the producers really wanted Jamie Bamber, and when they couldn't get him, they went for the most similar looking actor available.
  • Nice twist on the original: V have been among us for decades.
  • Along those lines, the show could incorporate some of the very same paranoia effectively employed by Battlestar Galactica when it comes to trusting those who look human.
  • Similar train of thought: the show could really do a much better job than the original in its dealing with government secrecy, media manipulation by those in power, and blurring the line between terrorism and fighting for freedom from outside oppressors.
  • I hope that they're not going to attempt (like the original series) offspring of V-human relationships. Star Trek went overboard on interspecies procreation, but when Klingons and Humans did it, they at least both appeared mammalian.
I'd love to read any comment that anyone else has about last night's premiere. :-)

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