November 20th, 2009

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It's Quiet, but That's a Good Thing

Last week's post about emotional turmoil not withstanding, I've been quiet around here lately because things have been going rather well. Yes, there are the usual challenges and obstacles*, but for the most part I have a lot to be happy about. True, I could certainly use more time to do the things I want/need to, and I would love to have Tank with me far more often (see usual challenges and obstacles disclaimer I just made). However, within the confines and constraints I've grown to accept, things are going very well. It certainly helps to have someone as amazing and beautiful as Sally in my life. I still have a lot of scary looking uncertainties currently looming over me, but I can also say that the long-term outlook is definitely for the positive.

Last week, I stated that rereading some of my older LJ posts has been painful in some ways, but this week the process has actually been far less painful and far more cathartic. It's helping me gain perspective on just how much things have changed for the better since April, 2006, and while there are still areas of my life that aren't as I would like, I'm in the best place I've been in over three years.

For the moment, the lack of posting is a good thing. I'm not shaking my fist at the universe like a curmudgeonly old man -- I plan to start doing that when I reach an age-appropriate point in my life... say, 43½. In the meantime, I have some stuff rolling around in my head that I would like to properly flesh out and post to LJ (maybe I'll even get one of them done this weekend), and I'm looking forward to the coming holiday season in a way I haven't since 2005.

I think that posting a smiley face emoticon is called for now. :-)

*The emotional meltdown two weeks ago was really an isolated event, and now that I've had the time and distance to properly figure out the root causes of it, I view it as something that certainly won't happen all that often in the future. Frequently, when I attempt to analyze such meltdowns in the immediate aftermath, my initial autopsy is incorrect to one degree or another, and that occurred last week. Forgive me for not reposting in length about the incident. The real root cause of the angst is more complex, and I've already expended too much energy on the matter.
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Enter Sandman

Beatallica's "Sandman" just played on my iPod, and I suddenly realized I could make quite the playlist out of the original Metallica song and all the variants/covers I've downloaded over the years:

  • Metallica, "Enter Sandman"
  • Beatallica, "Sandman" (a metal cover/mash-up with the Beatles' "Taxman")
  • Richard Cheese, "Enter Sandman" (a lounge cover/mash-up with the Andrew Sister's "Mr. Sandman")
  • Apocalyptica, "Enter Sandman" (instrumental, performed by a string quartet)
  • Iron Horse, "Enter Sandman" (a bluegrass cover)
Without combing through my music collection, I think "Enter Sandman" is the song I have the most "covers" of -- the fact that they are all so different makes this that much more amazing to me. Any other covers/versions I should be made aware of? (Not counting the Pat Boone cover, which is all sorts of wrong and evil in ways that none of the other versions I have are.)
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